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Progressive Era and Imperialism Formative

Quiz by Dakota Barton

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    According to the "Gospel of Wealth" supported by Andrew Carnegie

    the government should play a major role in controlling the American economy.

    the wealth and resources in a society should be equitably distributed among the members of that society.

    a graduated income tax is needed to reduce the gap between the richest and poorest members of society.

    the accumulation of wealth is beneficial to society and the government should take no action to hinder this accumulation.

  • Q2

    Which of these is the BEST description for this Gilded Age cartoon from 1871?

    Question Image

    "The New Deal is not working."

    "Democracy depends on people voting."

    "Politics is corrupted by the wealthy."

    "The poor have too much power."

  • Q3

    Which act states that trying to stop Unions is illegal?

    Sherman Anti-Trust Act

    Union Act

    Clayton Anti-Trust Act

    FTC Act

  • Q4

    What organization makes sure that U.S. businesses must play fair in the United States?

    Federal Communication Commission (FCC)

    Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

    Federal Interstate Highway Act

    Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

  • Q5

    What is the purpose of the Open Door Policy?

    All nations must allow freedom of seas

    United States policy to allow immigrants into the country

    All nations have equal trade in China

    United States policy that gets us involved in WWI

  • Q6

    Which amendment allows the people to vote for Senators instead of the Governor appointing them?





  • Q7

    Which amendment states that the government can tax your income (what you make for a living)





  • Q8

    President who tries to reform the U.S. tariffs which causes the Republican Party to split.

    Teddy Roosevelt

    Woodrow Wilson

    William Howard Taft

    John F. Kennedy

  • Q9

    First Democratic President to win since 1892 because of the Republican Party Split. Goes on to lead the United States through World War I.

    Woodrow Wilson

    Teddy Roosevelt

    John F. Kennedy

    William Howard Taft

  • Q10

    What is the support for social reform known as?






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