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Progressive Era Presidents

Quiz by Billie Jean Fulton

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    Which Progressive Era leader was known as the "trustbuster"?
    Robert LaFollette
    William H. Taft
    Teddy Roosevelt
    William McKinley
  • Q2
    The term that refers to using your war record in order to get votes is:
    "dark horse."
    "waving the bloody shirt."
    "Remember the Maine!"
  • Q3
    All of the following are Nobel Peace Prize winning presidents EXCEPT:
    Jimmy Carter.
    Franklin Roosevelt.
    Teddy Roosevelt.
    Barak Obama.
  • Q4
    Teddy Roosevelt's domestic agenda was known as the:
    Square Deal.
    Fair Deal.
    New Deal.
    Great Society.
  • Q5
    The policy of allowing free trade in China is known as:
    Roosevelt Corollary.
    Open Door.
    Dollar Diplomacy.
  • Q6
    TR sent instigators into Panama to stir up a rebellion against:
    the Panamanian government of Manuel Noriega.
  • Q7
    The president who negotiated a treaty to give the Canal to Panama was:
    Barak Obama.
    Jimmy Carter.
    Teddy Roosevelt.
    Richard Nixon.
  • Q8
    In political cartoons, TR is often depicted as all of the following EXCEPT:
    a moose.
    a cowboy.
    a businessman.
    a policeman.
  • Q9
    The government official whose firing angered TR and other progressives was:
    Mark Hanna.
    Gifford Pinchot.
    John Hay.
    Richard Ballinger.

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