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59 questions
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  • Q1
    The movement beginning in the late 1800s to increase democracy in America by curbing the power of the corporation. It fought to end corruption in government and business, and worked to bring equal rights of women and other groups that had been left behind during the industrial revolution.
  • Q2
    Powerful Progressive impulse to limit and disperse wealth. Had much in common with Populism, empowered the government to regulate or break up trusts.
  • Q3
    The strength of the social bonds in society between people of different ethno-cultural backgrounds or socio-economic classes
    Social Cohesion
  • Q4
    Writer or journalist of the early 1900s who uncovered shameful conditions in business and other areas of American life.
  • Q5
    A leading muckraker and magazine editor, she exposed the corruption of the oil industry with her 1904 work, A History of Standard Oil.
    Ida Tarbell
  • Q6
    Famous muckraker who exposed the corruption of political machines in the cities in his book The Shame of the Cities.
    Lincoln Steffens
  • Q7
    Movement that taught religion and human dignity would help the middle class over come problems of industrialization
    Social Gospel
  • Q8
    This welfare organization came to the US from England in 1880 and sought to provide food, shelter, and employment to the urban poor while preaching temperance and morality. Christian based organization.
    Salvation Army
  • Q9
    Places that offered social services to urban poor and immigrants- often food, shelter, and basic education. Hull House was the most famous.
    Settlement House Movement
  • Q10
    Social reformer who worked to improve the lives of the working class. In 1889 she founded Hull House in Chicago, the first private social welfare agency in the U.S., to assist the poor, combat juvenile delinquency and help immigrants learn to speak English.
    Jane Adams
  • Q11
    Movement that emphasized an imposition of standards, licensing of practitioners, and accreditation of professional schools.
  • Q12
    Product of social and economic changes. Wage earning activity had moved out of house and into factory or office, children enrolled in school at earlier ages, technology (running water, electricity) made housework less of a burden, declining family size.
    The "New Woman"
  • Q13
    The relationship between women who lived together, often in long-term, sometimes romantic, relationships.
    "Boston Marriages"
  • Q14
    The right to vote in political elections
  • Q15
    1920, guarantees women the right to vote.
    Nineteenth Amendment

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