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Pronouns Quiz

Quiz by Casey Blanchard

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16 questions
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  • Q1
    In this sentence, pick the pronoun that should go in the blank: I _________ have never been a fan of goose-hunting.
    myself (intensive pronoun adding emphasis)
    what (interrogative pronoun asking a question)
    myself (reflexive pronoun reflecting back)
    me (personal pronoun)
  • Q2
    Identify the demonstrative pronouns in the following sentence: This is the worst movie I have ever seen, and that is a horrible actor!
    This ; that
    I ; that
    This ; I
    There are no demonstrative pronouns in the sentence
  • Q3
    What kind of pronoun is the word "everyone" in this sentence: Everyone should head down to the pond!
    Reflexive ; referring back
    Demonstrative ; pointing out something specific
    "Everyone" is not a pronoun
    Indefinite ; not naming a specific person or thing
  • Q4
    What is the possessive pronoun in this sentence: Rachel's brother's cat's birthday is tomorrow!
    There is not a possessive pronoun in the sentence, only possessive nouns
  • Q5
    Identify all of the pronouns in the following sentence: Tad and Bob are his favorite animals because they always offer him bananas and make everybody smile.
    his ; they ; him ; everybody
    favorite ; because ; make
    his ; favorite ; because
    they ; him ; everybody

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