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Pronouns(I, my, his, her, their, our)

Quiz by Yuliia Ivanina

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    I have got a radio.
    This is HER radio.
    This is THEIR radio.
    This is HIS radio.
    This is MY radio.
  • Q2
    We have got a computer game.
    This is THEIR computer game.
    This is HER computer game.
    This is OUR computer game.
    This is MY computer game.
  • Q3
    She has got stickers.
    These are HIS stickers.
    These are SHE stickers.
    This is HER stickers.
    These are HER stickers.
  • Q4
    They have got a kite.
    This is THEY kite.
    This is OUR kite.
    This is MY kite.
    This is THEIR kite.
  • Q5
    He has got a train.
    This is HIS train.
    This is HE train.
    This is HER train.
    This is HIM train.
  • Q6
    I have books.
    These are OUR books.
    These are MY books.
    These are THEIR books.
    This is MY books.

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