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Protestant Reformation

Quiz by Scott Robertson

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  • Q1
    Who is often credited as starting the Protestant Reformation?
    Henry VIII
    Ignatius of Loyola
    Martin Luther
    John Calvin
  • Q2
    Which document did Martin Luther famously post on the church door in Wittenberg?
    Ninety-Five Theses
    The Canterbury Tales
    The Declaration of Independence
    The Magna Carta
  • Q3
    Which religious figure played a prominent role in the Protestant Reformation and translated the Bible into English?
    John Knox
    John Wycliffe
    Thomas Cranmer
    William Tyndale
  • Q4
    What was the main theological issue that sparked the Protestant Reformation?
    The sale of indulgences
    The veneration of saints
    The doctrine of predestination
    The sacraments
  • Q5
    Who was the English monarch responsible for starting the Church of England?
    Edward VI
    James I
    Henry VIII
    Elizabeth I
  • Q6
    Who is considered the founder of the Lutheran Church?
    John Calvin
    Ulrich Zwingli
    Martin Luther
    William Tyndale
  • Q7
    What triggered the Protestant Reformation in Germany?
    The Great Schism
    The Council of Trent
    The Diet of Worms
    Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses
  • Q8

    When did the Protestant Reformation occur?

    16th century

  • Q9

    What were the 95 Theses?


  • Q10

    What did the Reformation challenge?

    Roman Catholic Church.

  • Q11

    What invention aided the spread of Reformation ideas?

    Printing press.


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