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  • Q1
    Read the sentence from the passage. Which sentence from the passage provides evidence to support this statement?
    Question Image
    "At the time, women were generally considered not strong enough to complete such an arduous swim."
    "Trudy was determined to prove the skeptics wrong."
    "Trudy knew this was her last, best shot to become the first woman to swim the English Channel."
    "Rain pelted down, the tide dragged her backward, and the salty water had caused her tongue to swell to twice its normal size."
  • Q2
    Part One: Which statement BEST describes Ederle's main motivation in the section "Facing the Challenge"?
    Ederle felt competition from a rival.
    Ederle wanted to overcome an injury.
    Ederle needed a new place to train.
    Ederle wanted to win an Olympic medal.
  • Q3
    Part Two: Which sentence from the passage supports the answer in Part One? Choose ONE answer.
    "Clarabelle had come within a few miles of completing the swim herself, and was planning to try again soon."
    "At home in New York, she swam for miles in the open ocean every day during the summer, no matter what the weather."
    "She held eighteen world records and had won three medals at the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris."
    "Then she had gotten horribly seasick."
  • Q4
    Which generalization can BEST be made from the section "Braving the Rough Seas"?
    Plans do not always work out as expected.
    Working slowly is a good way to overcome a challenge.
    It takes determination to keep going in a difficult situation.
    People should consider the weather when choosing a day to swim.
  • Q5
    Read the sentence from the passage. What is the meaning of the phrase "trouble was brewing" as used in the passage?
    Question Image
    A negative event was about to happen.
    A strange mystery was going to be solved.
    A surprise was going to occur.
    A solution was about to be lost.
  • Q6
    Which sentence from the passage BEST supports the inference that Trudy was committed to her goal?
    "But Trudy had tried to swim the Channel once before."
    "Trudy was used to rough seas, too."
    "Trudy was one of the best all-around swimmers in the world."
    "Trudy raised her head and looked into the black waves."
  • Q7
    What is the purpose of the headings in the passage?
    to explain the conditions that Ederle faced in the English Channel
    to list Ederle's most important swimming accomplishments
    to describe the events that led to Ederle's biggest accomplishment
    to compare Ederle with another woman who also wished to swim the English Channel
  • Q8
    Read the sentences from a story. Which revision corrects the error in punctuation?
    Question Image
    Remove the comma after 'mean' in sentence 3.
    Add a comma after 'Hey' in sentence 1.
    Add a comma after 'Don't' in sentence 2.
    Remove the comma after 'amazing' in sentence 4
  • Q9
    Read the sentences from a student's essay about sleep. Which sentence should be revised to maintain the formal style of the paragraph?
    Question Image
    sentence 2
    sentence 5
    sentence 4
    sentence 3
  • Q10
    Which sentence contains a verb error?
    Before the girls went to the meeting, they make copies of a list of jobs.
    Before I go to the park, I have to clean the kitchen and the living room.
    We did our chores before we played the game.
    We packed the food before we went on our picnic.
  • Q11
    Read the sentence. Choose the MOST specific words to complete the sentence.
    Question Image
    a nice individual
    a talented person
    a gifted singer
    a famous person

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