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Psychology: Y11-12 Induction Homework

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    How many participants were there in the Loftus and Palmer study?
  • Q2
    In the Loftus and Palmer study, what was the average speed estimate for participants asked the question: "How fast were the cars going when they Hit each other?”
  • Q3
    In the Loftus and Palmer study, identify one way in which they test participant's recall
    Told them there was broken glass at the scene
    Asked if they had seen a broken headlight
    Asked if they had seen broken glass at the scene
    Asked if the study had affected their driving
  • Q4
    What is wrong with the sample of 45 American students used in the Loftus and Palmer study?
    Americans have better memories than Europeans
    They were not good judges of speed
    They could have guessed the aim of the study
    Students are young, so will have better memories
  • Q5
    Why did Loftus and Palmer use a film of a car accident rather than a real-life accident?
    They could guarantee that no participants had viewed the film beforehand
    The film was more expensive to buy
    Higher control of what happened in the crash
    They could not find any car crash witnesses

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