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Purchasing a Car - Chapter 14

Quiz by Julie

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  • Q1
    The very first thing you should do before you start shopping for a car is
    go to carfax and start looking.
    as for a loan.
    determine how much you can afford to spend.
    go to Kelly Blue Book and look at your options.
  • Q2
    Whey you compare the prices of different vehicles,
    none of these are correct.
    be sure to compare models that have the same options.
    be sure to compare the same VIN.
    be sure to compare the same make.
  • Q3
    is when you compare the prices of different vehicles and approve of each one.
    is the process of finding out if you qualify for a loan.
    is the process of selecting a vehicle.
    combines the financing of your car with the process of negotiating the car's price.
  • Q4
    Experts recommend
    buying the first car you like.
    never buying a vehicle on your first visit to the dealership.
    not looking at Kelly Blue Book prices.
    looking at several cars in one dealership.
  • Q5
    A used vehicle inspection typically costs about
    $100 - $150.
    $500- 550
  • Q6
    Kelley Blue Book Used Car Guide publishes
    a popular vehicle pricing guide for used cars.
    a popular vehicle pricing guide for all cars.
    a popular vehicle pricing guide for
    current trade-in values and suggested retail values on more than 10,000 models of used cars.
  • Q7
    You should negotiate the price for a new car
    without worrying about what you will get for your trade-in.
    none of these.
    separately from the price of your trade-in.
    at the same time as you trade in your old car.
  • Q8
    You will get more money for your used car
    if you sell it yourself rather than trading it in at a dealership.
    if you trade it in at the same time as you purchase a different car.
    if you take it to a different dealership than what you are purchasing your new one.
    all of these.
  • Q9
    Most car buyers
    pay cash for their cars.
    pay 40% down and the rest on a loan.
    finance their cars by getting a loan.
    write a check for their car and are done with it.
  • Q10
    The FTC Used Car Rule applies to
    anyone who is buying a car.
    all of these.
    anyone who is selling a car.
    car dealers.
  • Q11
    It is recommended to spend no more than____________ of the money you have left after paying all of your regular monthly expenses on car costs.
  • Q12
    All states charge fees for
    all of these
  • Q13
    Typically you can expect your vehicle to require a major engine tune-up every __________ miles or so.
    50,000 - 60,000
  • Q14
    This type of upholstery is more durable than vinyl
    neither of these are more durable than vinyl.
    both of these are more durable than vinyl.
  • Q15
    A used car
    loses at least half of its market value as soon as you drive it off the lot.
    is likely to need more repairs than a new car.
    is usually about the same price as a new car.
    can never be purchased with a warranty.

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