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Quiz by Danielle Kinsey

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  • Q1
    True or False: An Innovation Class is one that affords students time and space to create their own learning experiences and collaborate with experts from around the world, where students learn by doing and creating, as opposed to listening to directions and pre-determined outcomes.
  • Q2
    What trait do you think Google values the most in a prospective employee?
    Content Knowledge
  • Q3
    How might you create a culture of Freedom and Creativity in your classroom?
    Lead with classroom rules and regulations on Day One.
    Explain that failure is the opposite of learning.
    Provide specific directions, support, and answers for your students every step of the way.
    Allow risk, explain that failure is an acceptable part of learning, and encourage curiosity.
  • Q4
    True or False: As students work on projects in an Innovation Classroom or 20% Time, there should be no deadlines or due dates.
  • Q5
    Social Media is an integral aspect of any Innovation Classroom because it...
    allows students to chat with each other.
    allows students to create and collaborate with people, companies, and communities from around the globe.
    allows students to express themselves without proper spelling and grammar usage.
    allows students to air their grievances.

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