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Push and Pull Forces Part 2

Quiz by Storm Rider

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  • Q1
    Students tied 3 washers to different lengths of strings. They timed how long it took for each one to swing back and forth. Their data shows that the time to swing back and forth increases with.....
    Question Image
    longer string
    shorter string
    more washers
    fewer washers
  • Q2
    Students are exploring how the size of a marble affects the distance it rolls. What tool will they need?
    Question Image
    metric ruler
    spring scale
    graduated cylinder
  • Q3
    What two tools would be most useful in investigating how the mass of an object can affect the distance it moves with a push?
    Magnet and thermometer
    Meter stick and triple beam balance
    Hot plate and and spring scale
    Graduated cylinder and meter stick
  • Q4
    Students made short and tall ramps and toy cars to create an investigation. What could be a testable question they could answer using these materials?
    Question Image
    How does the ramp height affect the distance the car rolls?
    Which kind of toy car is the cheapest to buy?
    What kind of scientist can best explain how a car works?
    What kind of material should be used to make railroads?
  • Q5
    Students collected data. What question would the students be able to answer with this data?
    Question Image
    Why does a top stop spinning after one minute?
    How does a top's mass affect how long it spins?
    What is the physical force that makes the top spin?
    What color top spins the shortest amount of time?
  • Q6
    Students performed an experiment in which they rolled toy cars with different masses down the same ramp 3 times. What testable question could they be investigating?
    Question Image
    Does the surface of a ramp affect the distance a toy car travels?
    Does the mass of a toy car affect the distance it travels?
    How does the height of the ramp affect the distance a toy car travels?
    How is a toy car affected by the attraction of magnets?
  • Q7
    Pushing a marble will most likely change all of the following EXCEPT...
    Its mass
    Its speed
    Its motion
    Its position
  • Q8
    What would Silas do to start a swing moving?
    Question Image
    Shorten the swing
    Observe the swing
    Measure the swing
    Push or pull the swing
  • Q9
    Which group of items could be used to investigate the strength of different magnets?
    Magnets, iron nails, triple beam balance
    Magnets, hand lens, graduated cylinder
    Magnets, plastic spoons, ruler
    Magnets, wooden buttons, ruler
  • Q10
    Which of these actions is likely to happen because of a push or a pull?
    water evaporating
    sun shining
    ice melting
    Ball rolling
  • Q11
    What wagon would take more force to pull?
    Question Image
    You will not be able to move either wagon.
    They will both take the same amount of force to pull.
    wagon B
    wagon A
  • Q12
    What wagon will take less force to pull?
    Question Image
    You will not be able to move either wagon.
    wagon B
    wagon A
    They will both take the same amount of force to pull.
  • Q13
    Pulling or pushing a wagon changes its.....
    Question Image
    position and motion
    texture and weight
    size and color
    shape and mass
  • Q14
    All of the actions below would probably move a book EXCEPT..
    pushing the book off the table
    standing on top of the book
    pulling a rug that the book is on
    kicking the book across the floor
  • Q15
    A pull can be used to do all of the following EXCEPT...
    open a door
    move a wagon
    lift some rocks
    boil some water

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