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Pythagorean Theorem Review

Quiz by Cecilia Argueta

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the measure of c?
    Question Image
    4 cm
    10.6 cm
    28 cm
    20 cm
  • Q2
    What is the measure of a?
    Question Image
    4.2 cm
    2 cm
    6 cm
    12.8 cm
  • Q3
    A 12 ft ladder is resting against a wall. The base of the ladder is 2 feet from the base of the wall. How high up the wall will the ladder reach?
    196 ft
    3.7 ft
    12.2 ft
    11.8 ft
  • Q4
    A construction company is pouring a concrete foundation. The measure of two sides that meet in a corner are 24 ft by 48 ft. For the corner to be a right angle, what would the approximate length of the diagonal be?
    41.6 ft
    23.4 ft
    8.5 ft
    53.7 ft
  • Q5
    Robert is designing a skateboard ramp that is in the shape of a right triangle. The length of the ramp is 18 feet and has a maximum height of 5 feet. What is the approximate distance the ramp covers along the ground?
    13 ft
    18.7 ft
    17.3 ft
    4.8 ft
  • Q6
    Angelo is planting a rectangular garden. He is planning on building a diagonal walkway through the garden. If the garden measures 10 feet by 20 feet, about how long will the walkway be?
    3.2 ft
    7.6 ft
    30 ft
    22.4 ft
  • Q7
    Katie is flying a kite. Her kite string is 90 feet long and the kite is flying 40 feet above the ground. About how far is Katie from the area directly beneath the kite?
    98.48 ft
    76.7 ft
    130 ft
    80.6 ft
  • Q8
    Frank the Fireman is putting out a fire in a building. The fire is located in a window 45 feet from the base of the building. He sets his ladder 10 feet from the base of the building and places the top of the ladder against the window. What is the approximate length of the ladder?
    55 ft
    46.1 ft
    43.9 ft
    35 ft
  • Q9
    A six-foot man casts a shadow that is 10 feet long. How far is it from the top of his head to the tip of his shadow?
    11.66 ft
    8 ft
    136 ft
    16 ft
  • Q10
    Mr. Bell has a garden in the shape of a square. He just made a walkway through the garden, as shown below. How much further is it for Mr. Bell to walk two sides of the garden instead of taking the path?
    Question Image
    26 ft
    36 ft
    8 ft
    18 ft
  • Q11
    The set designer for a player painted some background scenery on a large piece of plywood. He used a 13-foot-long pole to hold the piece of plywood upright, as shown in the diagram. What is the measurement of h, the total height in feet of the piece of plywood? (*HINT: Two-Steps, be careful!)
    Question Image
    7 ft
    5 ft
    12 ft
    14 ft

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