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Q2 Grammar Test Review

Quiz by Parrack, Valerie

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the verb? Our trip to the zoo was informational and fun.
  • Q2
    Which sentence contains an action verb?
    Dad got quiet when mom was upset.
    His search for a coffee shop was stressful.
    Their apartment is small but nicely decorated.
    She felt tired after the play.
  • Q3
    What sentence contains a linking verb?
    Cal swam laps until the coach finally blew the whistle.
    She studied all night for her Calculus final.
    Abe reached the summit in record time.
    She felt sick as the plane took off.
  • Q4
    Which sentence has an action and a linking verb?
    Mr. Davis looked tired after the concert.
    I ran down the street and yelled at my neighbor to slow down.
    I saw the sign and knew I was right.
    She fell down the stairs.
  • Q5
    What words in the following sentence form the compound subject? Mom and I shopped at the Outlet Mall.
    Mom, the
    I, shopped
    Mom, and
    Mom, I
  • Q6
    Which sentence contains a compound predicate?
    My favorite flavor of ice cream is Cookies and Cream.
    The sandwich tasted delicious.
    The guard dribbled down the court and shot the ball.
    The phone rang loudly.
  • Q7
    In the following sentence, what role does "thinks" play? Mrs. French thinks our test will be multiple choice.
    Simple Subject
    Compound Subject
    Simple Predicate
    Compound Predicate
  • Q8
    What principal part is "talk" in the following sentence: My mom talked to my teacher at conferences.
    Past Participle
    Present Participle
  • Q9
    Which sentence contains the past participle of the verb like?
    I have liked going swimming with you.
    I like swimming with you.
    I liked swimming with you.
    I will like swimming with you.
  • Q10
    Which sentence is in the superlative degree?
    I liked Crater more than Stand Tall.
    My Sister's Keeper is the best book I have ever read!
    My favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird.
    I love the Hunger Games Series.
  • Q11
    Which sentence is in the comparative degree?
    Paris is beautiful.
    Paris is the most beautiful city.
    I love Paris.
    Paris is more beautiful than London.
  • Q12
    Which comparative verb fits best in the sentence? Denise cooks ___________ than David.
    More better
  • Q13
    Which of the following is an imperative sentence?
    Did you pack your lunch?
    Get your shoes on!
    Good job!
    We need to find your coat.
  • Q14
    What kind of sentence is the following? Mrs. Parrack wrote all the notes on the board.
  • Q15
    Which of the following sentences is interrogative?
    Way to go Titans!
    Stop crying.
    I love the holidays.
    Did you cook breakfast for your family?

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