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Q2 Sci M2 L 1 Assessment

Quiz by Jeremiah Elizalde Cena

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Sunlight provides vitamin D that is good for the bones. How does the integumentary system help the bones get this vitamin?
    The oil glands moisten the hair and skin for easily absorption of sunlight.
    The light color of the skin helps receive much sunlight.
    The skin absorbs the sunlight that activates Vitamin D in our body.
    The hair roots get this in the scalp.
  • Q2
    What are the roles of the musculoskeletal and integumentary systems in our body?
    Supports and cover the body.
    Makes the body move
    Protects vital organs of the body
    Gives form and shape to the body.
  • Q3
    If there were no bones, muscles have nothing to hold on to. Which of the following is NOT a function of the bone?
    It protects the heart and lungs.
    It provides anchor to which muscles are attached.
    It provides balance for movement of muscles.
    It forms a strong case for delicate organs.
  • Q4
    The skin is the largest organ that covers our body. How does it help the muscles?
    It cause the body to move.
    It prevents the entry of microorganisms.
    It provides nutrients.
    It supports the body.
  • Q5
    What might happen when your skin is wounded?
    Internal organs will be exposed.
    Muscles will loosen its attachment to bones.
    Infections can easily enter the body.
    Bones will be easily broken.

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