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Q2/DTP, Summative Test - Face to Face (SOLO)

Quiz by Sir Maik

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50 questions
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  • Q1

    When starting a business, one can use a publication to spread its name so potential customers will come; which publication can help you achieve this goal?




    Business card

  • Q2

    In Microsoft Publisher, the "Draw Text Box" command lets the user do what?

    Insert a text box in the publication window

    Draw a text box anywhere in the publication

    Draw a rectangular text box

    Draw a text box of a certain size

  • Q3

    In Microsoft Publisher, the command "Shapes" can be found in two groups. What are these groups?

    Illustrations and Insert Shapes

    Building Blocks and Insert Shapes

    Objects and Building Blocks

    Objects and Illustrations

  • Q4

    Mr. Cruz wants to make a poster for mental health awareness and was thinking of using different graphics; aside from shapes, what other graphics can he use?




    Clip Arts

  • Q5

    In creating a perfect publication, one must use different colors in the publication; which rule can be used?





  • Q6

    Kristelle wants to promote "Strawberry Milk Tea," a new flavor in her ever-growing milk tea shop; however, pandemic struck! Which publication will help her most?

    Television Advertisements

    Online Advertisements

    Printed Advertisements

    All of the above

  • Q7

    Paul works for a news company and is in charge of the layout of their newspaper. In Microsoft Publisher, which command will help Paul put references in his publication?

    Hyper Link

    Create Link

    Draw Text Box

    Insert Link

  • Q8

    Alvin is putting so much effort into making a poster for the upcoming concert of a famous artist. How many fonts can he use at the most?

    Three Fonts

    Only one Font

    Two Fonts

    Four Fonts

  • Q9

    Kim wants to decorate her greeting card with some text having the themed color and wants to start with the text borders; which command will allow her to do so?

    Text Fill



    Text Outline

  • Q10

    Rochelle can't figure out how to draw a text box in Microsoft Publisher using the Home tab. Can you help her by arranging the following?

    I. Click the Draw Text Box command in the Objects command group

    II. Click the Home Tab

    III. Click and drag over the area in the publication where you want to draw a text box in the publication.

    IV. Open / Close the publication

    IV, II, I, III

    I, III, IV

    II, I, III, IV

    II, I, III

  • Q11

    Advertising is one of the best ways to promote or sell a product. Which of the following is the best advertising strategy in our technologically progressive society?

    A printed publication such as a magazine reaches out to people who are more likely to be consumers.

    Television advertising is the most dominant advertising force because of the advantages of TV commercials.

    Businesses should target billboard advertising because commuters will see it unconsciously.

    Online advertising is popular because social media is where most people spend their time.

  • Q12

    Graphics are one of the most essential parts of desktop publishing. What kind of graphics are best to use when making an online publication about real estate?

    Cartooned version of the actual property to attract easy-to-please buyers.

    A hand-drawn blueprint of the property and all of its structural components.

    A video showcasing the various components of the property

    Pictures of the actual property.

  • Q13

    On which tab can a publisher change the size of the publication window?

    Page Layout

    Page Design



  • Q14

    Which of the following is not an example of a publication?



    Business Card


  • Q15

    Which of the following command groups exists in both drawing tools and picture tools but not in text box tools?






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