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Quiz by Merced Ansay

Grade 10
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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40 questions
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  • Q1

    Which electromagnetic waves have the shortest wavelength?


    radio wave

     X – ray waves 

    gamma ray

  • Q2

    Radio waves, X-ray waves, and microwaves are observed to be traveling in a vacuum. If the waves have a wavelength of 2 x 103 m 2 x 10-9 m, 2 x 10-1 m respectively, which of the three travels the fastest?

     X - ray waves 

    They all travel at the same speed.

    radio wave


  • Q3

    How does a decrease in the frequency affect the electromagnetic wave?

    neither A nor B

    both A and B

    Wavelength decreases

    Energy carried by the wave decreases. 

  • Q4

    What color in the visible spectrum carries the lowest energy?





  • Q5

    A certain FM radio station broadcasts at 90.5 MHz or 9.05 x 107 Hz. The radio wave travels at the speed of light, what is its wavelength?

    2.72 x 1016

    0.05 m 

    3.31 m 

    2.72 x1010 m


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