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Q3 - Quiz - Graphic Organizers

Quiz by Jimierose Madelo

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  • Q1

    Graphic organizers _______________________.

    make a person creative

    summarize and organize information

    activate prior knowledge and help create connections

  • Q2

    What are some examples of graphic organizers that you can use after reading a story?

    Concept Map, Problem-Solution Map, Word Study Chart

    K-W-L Chart, Timeline, Main Idea and Details Map

    Plot Line, Sequence Map, Venn Diagram

  • Q3

    What kind of graphic organizer should you use in comparing and contrasting characters from a story?

    Compare and Contrast Chart

    Venn Diagram

    Problem and Solution Table

  • Q4

    A _________________________ can help in sequencing events.

    Venn Diagram


    Compare and Contrast Chart

  • Q5

    Graphic organizers can also be used in listing down the MAIN IDEA and SUPPORTING DETAILS of a text read.

    True or False

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