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  • Q1

    Which of the following is the primary female sex hormone?

    A. Estrogen

    B. Testosterone

    C. Progesterone

    D. Androgen


  • Q2

    What part of the brain will release relatively high amount of hormones that will initiate the start of sexual maturity?

    A. Pituitary gland

    B. Hypothalamus

    C. Cerebrum

    D. Cerebellum


  • Q3

    How will you explain why men produced higher levels of testosterone than women?

    A. Testosterone plays an important role in male traits and reproductive activity

    B. Testosterone plays an important role in female traits and reproductive activity

    C. Testosterone is necessary for normal sexual development of females.

    D. Testosterone is produced only by male body for sexual maturity.


  • Q4

    Which of the following roles of hormones explains the changes in the physical appearance of the external genitalia of the male and female reproductive part in the onset of puberty?

    A. Stimulation of follicle

    B. Production of sperm and egg cell

    C. Regulation of the production of GnRH

    D. Development of male and female secondary sex characteristics


  • Q5

    Which of the following hormones stimulates the pituitary gland to release Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH)?

    A. Luteinizing Hormone

    B. Progesterone

    C. Estrogen

    D. GnRH


  • Q6

    Ecosystem stability is defined as:

    A. The resilience to withstand changes that may occur in the environment.

    B. An introduction of invasive species in the new environment.

    C. Acquiring a set of traits for non-extinction.

    D. A variety between all species of plants, animals, and microorganisms.


  • Q7

    Amorseko is a grass used for grazing and for control of soil erosion. It produces prickly spikelets seeds that sticks to animal skin, hair, or clothing. Such adaptation is favorable because it _______________.

    A. prevents germination within the seed pods.

    B. causes genetic changes to occur.

    C. attracts insects that aid in pollination.

    D. aids in the dispersal of the species.


  • Q8

    Adaptation is an organism’s way to survive its changing environment. Which of the following is NOT an adaptation?

    A. The finches in Galapagos have different beaks

    B. The death of dinosaurs during the Cretaceous Period

    C. A child learning to walk on his own

    D. A certain group of birds eating different kinds of food


  • Q9

    Davao is known for its wide variety of fruits, and other plant species that makes it more attractive to tourists. Which of the following classifications of the value of biodiversity is described?

    A. Indirect Economic value

    B. Direct Economic value

    C. Aesthetic value

    D. Both A and C


  • Q10

    The Philippines is one of the 18 mega biodiverse countries. Which of the following is the MAIN criterion to qualify a country as megadiverse?

    A. High species diversity and large percentage of endemic species.

    B. Have marine ecosystems within its borders.

    C. Have at least 5,000 species of endemic plants.

    D. Presence of tropical rainforest ecosystem.


  • Q11

    A French naturalist, Jean Baptiste de Lamarck proposed that organisms evolved in response to the environment. Which of the following Lamarck’s theory explains the disappearance of snake’s leg because it does not need to walk narrow spaces?

    A. Theory of Need C. Theory of Natural Selection

    B. Theory of Use and Disuse

    C. Theory of Natural Selection

    D. Theory of Acquired Characteristics


  • Q12

    Which of the following are examples of animals with homologous structures?

    A. Wings of butterfly and bat

    B. Flipper of whale and forelimb of cat

    C. Fingers of human and arm of starfish

    D. Tongue of frog and proboscis of a mosquito


  • Q13

    In what era can the oldest fossil be found?

    A. Cenozoic Era

    B. Mesozoic Era

    C. Paleozoic Era

    D. Pre-Cambrian Era


  • Q14

    Which of the following statements BEST describes why fossil is good evidence of evolution?

    A. It allows us to see extinct organisms and compare them to living species.

    B. We can see how organisms develop over a period of time.

    C. Fossil gives us the idea of where an organism lives.

    D. Fossils will tell what animals eat.


  • Q15

    Where can we find most of the fossils?

    A. Black Soil

    B. Granite Rock

    C. Lava Flows

    D. Sedimentary rock



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