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Q3 - Science Pre Test 4

Quiz by Jeremiah Elizalde Cena

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    LED bulbs use less energy consumption compared to ordinary electric bulbs. Which transformation of energy happens in LED bulbs?
    light to sound energy
    electrical to sound energy
    sound to light energy
    electrical to light energy
  • Q2
    Which situation shows electrical to light energy transformation?
    Switching on an aircon
    Lighting a matchstick.
    Turning on a lamp.
    Reheating food using a gas stove.
  • Q3
    Which of the following appliances show the transformation of heat energy to light energy?
    flat iron
    microwave oven
    gas stove
  • Q4
    Which best describes the energy transformation in a light bulb?
    Electrical energy has transformed into heat and sound energy.
    Electrical energy has transformed into light and heat energy.
    Mechanical energy has transformed into electrical energy.
    Light energy has transformed into electrical energy.
  • Q5
    A student is using a cellphone to communicate with her friend. Which of the following energy transformations happen during their conversation?
    electrical to sound
    heat to sound
    sound to light
    light to sound
  • Q6
    Electrical energy is transformed into other forms when appliances are used which could result to high electric bill. As a grade 6 pupil, how can you help conserve electrical energy?
    Use the appliances at the same time.
    Turn off the appliances when they are not in use.
    Iron clothes every day.
    Turn on the TV while using the laptop.
  • Q7
    We use an electric kettle in boiling water. Which energy transformation takes place when you use an electric kettle?
    electrical energy -> heat energy
    light energy -> heat energy
    heat energy -> light energy
    sound energy -> light energy
  • Q8
    Which appliance below can transform electrical to light energy?
    hand mixer
    light bulb
  • Q9
    Hans and his parents went out for dinner. Their house was dark and when they came home, his father switched on the light in their living room. What could Hans conclude about energy?
    Heat energy can change to light energy.
    Electrical energy can change to light energy.
    Heat energy can change to electrical energy.
    Electrical energy can change to sound energy.
  • Q10
    Which of the following objects show the electrical to sound energy transformation?
    oven toaster
    rice cooker
    flat iron

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