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Quiz by Elvie G. Quilang

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50 questions
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  • Q1

      He/sheis a staff responsible for performing different tasks during the night audit.


    Night auditor

    Top Manager

    Front desk clerk

  • Q2

    Which is the function of conducting a night audit?

       balance all front office accounts

    monitor guest credit limit

      resolve room status and rate discrepancies

    all of the above

  • Q3

    Why is auditing work done at night?

      Auditing is difficult

     Fewer activities in the front office in the evening

     Many disruptions in the evening

      Aim to look for errors

  • Q4

    If the account for a specific point-of-sale or outlet is determined to be out-of-balance, the night auditor must ____________________.

     review errors in the posting by tracing the submitted source documents and then do the necessary corrections

    look for errors in the front office accounting and make necessary corrections

     prepared credit and debit balance balances

     compare allcredit limits of guests' and non-guest’s accounts with credit card floorlimits, hotel's house limit, guest's status, and reputation

  • Q5

    Observe the sample trial balance below for the restaurant department.

    What is the trial balance shown in the table above?

    Question Image

     the account entries in the credit and debit columns are not balanced.

    the account entries in the credit and debit columns are equal.

    the account entries in the credit and debit columns are balanced.

    the account entries in the credit and debit columns are accurate.

  • Q6

    Why is it important for the night auditor to know the credit limit of each guest?

    He/she makes sure that the guest does not go beyond his/her line credit limit.

    He/she makes sure all the transactions posted to the ledger folio are correct

    Ensure all charge that is appropriate to the client’s account

    All of the above

  • Q7

    Post the remaining charges on the guest account. What does it mean?

      Verify if the vouchers are posted on the correct accounts and correct them.

    A review of the actual room racks and rates matches the PMS record

       Ensure that all remaining room services, telephone calls, and other charges are accurately posted to maintain an updated account for the next morning

    Check that accurate charges are posted to the appropriate folio.

  • Q8

      The process compares the account data entries with the actual vouchers and documents in the hotels’ out-of-sale outlets.



      Point of sale

      Out of balance

  • Q9

    Julius is a new auditor in a Sharingla hotel. His role is handling financial transactions. After reviewing and verifying posted entries he found out that there is a missing transaction. What would Mr. Julius do to balance all the front office accounts?

     Call the cashier to clarify missing transactions

    Double-check all the transactions

    Finding and accounting errors

    Making a summary of the report for the management

  • Q10

     Why is it important to conduct a night audit?

     provide important insights into your property’s daily transactions, payments, open invoices, reservations, and general numbers for the day.

    Check the balances and monitor guest credit limit

     Provide information on balancing all office accounts.

    Examining account balances

  • Q11

      Please, refer to the following situations:

    Situation: The guest's name does not match the room given

    How will resolve the situation, as a night auditor?

    Call the supervisor and ask for assistance

    Report the said issue to housekeeping and the Front Office

    Check any room changes at the Front Officer or reception desk

    Transfer the guest to the correct room

  • Q12

    Ms.Yatsugi is assigned as a Front desk in a hotel, there is a guest came into the reception area and requested to check out and pay all his bills. Ms. Yatsugimark the room as vacant, but the housekeeping did not update the room status. Your role as a night auditor is to settle room status discrepancies. What will be the possible effect if the room is not updated from time to time?

      Failure to update the room status may result in loss of income and confusion among team members.

    Failure to update the room status may result in overbooking

    Failure to update the room status, the Front office manager has a short briefing with the housekeeping department.

    Failure to update the room status may confuse the report to be submitted to the management.

  • Q13

    To avoid room status discrepancies, the housekeeping status report should be compared with the ___________ report.



     Room status discrepancy


  • Q14

    How will you process internal financial transactions?


    1.  Doublecheck transaction

    2.  Verify and reconcile room rates and room status

    3.  Identify and reconcile financial and system discrepancies

    4. Suggest an internal financial system and control for improvements in the property’s operation





  • Q15

    What will happen to a hotel without making these daily routine records and reports? Refer to item no.14

    This may result in confusion among the front office departments.

    This may result in inaccurate data and loss of income.

    Committing errors

    all  of the above


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