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  • Q1

    1. Which of the following features is NOT a characteristic of an appropriate oral language?

    D. direct

    C. redundant

    A. clear

    B. conversational

  • Q2

    2. Which of the following characteristic of an oral language refers to the use of correct grammar, short words, shorter sentences, specific words to enhance clarity?

    D. direct

    C. vague

    B. appropriate

    A. clear

  • Q3

    For nos. 3-5, read the dialogue below, note the non-verbal cues in parentheses. Then, answer the questions that follow. 

    Non-verbal cue or communication is the thing that we do not say but communicate through our body language.                                                               Source: Topic 3: Verbal and Non-verbal communication-NHS Careers www.nhscareers.nhs.uk>Teaching resources-Real life, your life?

    Line #1 Maine: (approaching) Good morning, Mark, I’m happy to see you here. Uhm, I am a little lost. Can you help me, please?                              Line #2 Mark : (walk closer to Maine) Hello Maine. I’m glad to see you too. Where would you like to go?                                                                                   Line #3 Maine: I am looking for the cinema.                                                         Line #4 Mark : You have to go straight and then turn right. It’s very near. You can walk there.                                                                                                     Line #5 Maine: Oh, Thank you! Have a nice day. (smiling)                               Line #6 Mark : You’re welcome. Bye.

    3. Which type of non-verbal behavior is used in line #5 based on the non-verbal cue in parentheses?

    A. looks and gestures

    D. volume

    C. pitch

    B. eye contact

  • Q4

    4. Which non-verbal cue in the dialogue symbolizes their closeness?

    A. smiling

    B. approaching

    D. Good morning

    C. walk closer to Maine

  • Q5

    5. What does the non-verbal cue in line number 5 symbolize? Your answer must be based on the context of the dialogue.

    B. fear

    D. love

    A. gratitude

    C. admiration


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