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Q4 Math Summative 1

Quiz by Jeremiah Elizalde Cena

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15 questions
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  • Q1

    The volume of a prism is 27in3. What is the volume of a pyramid with the same base and height?

    9 in^3

    6 in^3

    18 in^3

    3 in^3

  • Q2

    The radii of the sphere and the cylinder are the same and the height of the cylinder is twice the radius of the sphere. What part of the volume of cylinder is that of the sphere?   





  • Q3

    The volume of a sphere is equal to ______ of the volume of a cylinder whose height and diameter are equal to the diameter of the sphere  





  • Q4

    A container box measures 7dm on each edge. How much space can it hold?

    343 dm3           

    49 dm3

    21 dm3

    353 dm3

  • Q5

    A pyramid has a square base of side 15 cm and a height of 14 cm. What is the volume of pyramid?

    3150 cm3    

    3250 cm3    

    1150 m3

    1050   m3  

  • Q6

    A cone has a radius of 10 m and a height of 18 meters. Find its volume.

    1882.96 cm3    

    1885.96 cm3    

    1883.96 m3

    1884.96 m3  

  • Q7

    A cylinder has a radius of 2 m and a height of 3 meters. Find its volume.

    38.7 m3

    36.7 cm3    

    35.7 cm3    

    37.7 m3  

  • Q8

    Find the volume of a ballthat has a radius of 4 ½ decimeters.

    81.7 cm3    

    181.7 cm3    

    281.7 m3

    381.7 m3  

  • Q9

    Show Reading Text Question: What is asked in the problem?

    How much volume is asked?

    Which has the greater volume? By how much?               

    None of these.

    How much volume is less than the other?

  • Q10

    Show Reading Text Question: What are the given?

    None of these.

    10 cm radius and 6 cm height, 8 cm radius and 5 cm height  

    10 cm radius and 8 cm height, 6 cm radius and 5 cm height                          

    10 cm radius and 5 cm height, 8 cm radius and 8 cm height

  • Q11

    Show Reading Text Question: What operation will be used?

    Multiplication and multiplication      

    Multiplication and division      

    Multiplication and addition

    Multiplication and subtraction                   

  • Q12

    Read the electric meter

    Question Image

    39102 kwh

    38192 kwh       

    38202 kwh      

    38102 kwh

  • Q13

    Read the Water meter

    Question Image

    072150 m3

    072152 m3

    972650 m3

    972150 m3

  • Q14

    Click Show Reading Text Question: What is asked?

    Question Image

    What is the previous reading    

    All of the above

    None of these.

    How much the bill            

  • Q15

    Click Show Reading Text Question: How much is the bill?

    Question Image

    ₱ 1,696.2

    ₱ 1,666.2

    ₱ 1,676.2            

    ₱ 1,686.2 


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