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Q4 - Science Pre Test 3

Quiz by Jeremiah Elizalde Cena

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Farmers consider the season when harvesting and drying crops. What season do they usually do these activities?
  • Q2
    Which of the following statements describe the two seasons in the Philippines?
    The wet season brings heavy rains and thunderstorms while dry season is hot and cloudless.
    Both seasons are generally dry and cool.
    Both seasons bring good weather.
    The wet season is influenced by northeast monsoon while dry season is by southwest monsoon.
  • Q3
    Children are advised to stay home to avoid catching colds and other diseases like leptospirosis during the wet season. What can you do during this season?
    Visit a friend in your neighborhood
    Accompany your mother in the market
    Improve your skills in reading and writing
    Wash and dry clothes
  • Q4
    People usually stay outdoors when the surrounding is dry. Which situation described dry season?
    There is too much rainfall.
    The northwest monsoon is the prevailing wind.
    Water in the Earth’s surface evaporates easily.
    The sky is dark and heavy.
  • Q5
    Wet season brings hot and humid weather. How will you describe the surroundings during this season?
    Children play outside
    People experience rain showers and thunderstorms.
    It is cold but dry.
    The weather is extremely hot.
  • Q6
    Philippines has two pronounced seasons. Which of the following statements describe the seasons in the Philippines?
    Prevailing winds change from time to time.
    Seasons in the Philippines are greatly influenced by its location in the equator.
    Seasons change because of people’s activities.
    Seasons in the Philippines is the same all throughout the year.
  • Q7
    In which seasons in the Philippines do people wear boots and coats to protect themselves?
  • Q8
    Dry season is characterized as cloudless days. Which activity can be done during dry season?
    Eating hot champorado
    Drying clothes under the Sun
    Swimming in hot spring
    Playing indoor games with siblings
  • Q9
    Why does the Philippines experience two seasons? It is because _____.
    of the effect of the mountainous areas in the country
    the Philippines rotates on its axis
    of the prevailing winds that pass over the country
  • Q10
    Heavy rains and thunderstorms are experienced during wet season. Which activity can you do during wet season?
    Watching movie with your family in the mall
    Doing household chores
    Eating your favorite halo-halo
    Swimming with friends

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