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QA day invigilation quiz

Quiz by Lizzie Upson

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15 questions
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  • Q1

    How does C&G recommend tests be stored prior to and after an examination?

    Kept in a filing cabinet at HO

    Kept in a locked drawer

    Kept in a secure lockable safe by invigilator

    Kept in a locked box by employer

  • Q2

    What features should be in the examination room for both paper and online tests?

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  • Q3

    Candidates are allowed to put their coats on the back of their chair?

    True or False
  • Q4

    If the candidate requests to brings a drink into the examination room, what type of drink is permissible? 

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  • Q5

    Which of the following WOULD be permitted?

    Candidate wearing smart watch

    Candidate wearing an analogue wrist-watch

    Candidate with analogue wrist-watch on their desk

    Candidate wearing digital wrist-watch

  • Q6

    The examination you are invigilating must be evacuated - in what order do you do the following?

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  • Q7

    What is JCQ guidance an acronym for?

    Joint Council for Questioning

    Joint Council for Qualifications

    Joint Committee for Qualifications

    Judgement Council for Qualifications

  • Q8

    Which of the following WOULD be permitted in an English assessment?

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  • Q9

    A learner has completed their paper-based exam and decides to rip up the exam paper. How do you respond?

    Post the ripped paper back to C&G - this is the learner's decision.

    Sellotape the paper back together and make a note of the occurrence.

    Say the test is voided and rebook as soon as possible.

    Say the test is voided and record as an attempt

  • Q10

    How long before a test is due to start can a test be opened to be photo copied onto coloured paper?

    60 minutes

    90 minutes

    30 minutes

    120 minutes

  • Q11

    You are invigilating multiple learners - one of whom is being disruptive and is distracting others. What do you do?

    Terminate the assessment for everyone

    Ignore the candidate and hope they stop

    Remove the candidate and terminate their assessment

    Provide a verbal warning and explain the incident will be reported

  • Q12

    What is the maximum number of candidates an invigilator may invigilate?

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  • Q13

    Which of the following MUST be on display in the assessment room?

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  • Q14

    2 minutes before the end of the paper, a customer is brought into the hallway in front of the office to settle a dispute

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  • Q15

    When must you provide time calls to warn candidates of the end of the exam?

    10 minutes remaining

    30 minutes remaining

    30 minutes into the assessment

    5 minutes remaining


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