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QE Review (Literature and Writing)

Quiz by Raeven Davis

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20 questions
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  • Q1

    [Romeo and Juliet] The two families with an ancient feud.

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  • Q2

    [Muh-Lan] What caused Muh-Lan’s “widespread fame” in the army?

    Her family name

    Her companion

    Her real identity as a woman

    Her skill in combat

  • Q3

    [Muh-Lan] What does the selection say about gender?

    Women are always going to be subordinates.

    Gender does not matter as long as one is able to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

    There is most definitely a superior gender.

  • Q4

    [In A Grove] "In A Grove" is an example of a short story with this type of narrators.

    unreliable narrators

    honest narrators

    carefree narrators

  • Q5

    [In A Grove] What does the selection say about "truth"?

    The truth is relative to the one's speaking.

    The truth will always prevail in the end.

    There is only one version of the truth.

  • Q6

    [Bonsai] What does the poem say about Filipinos and Filipino culture?

    Filipinos love to recycle things to save the environment.

    Filipinos hoard stuff for no particular reason.

    Filipinos have a tendency to keep things with sentimental value.

  • Q7

    This refers to the attitude of the persona or author towards the subject of the text.




  • Q8

    [Bonsai] What does the poem say about "love"?

    A complex  and abstract concept like love can be simplified and symbolized using tangible objects. 

    Love is true and genuine when it's symbolized by small, foldable, and invaluable objects.

    A grand emotion such as love can never be comprehended by the merest child.

  • Q9

    [Romeo and Juliet] Romeo and Juliet is an example of this genre of drama.




  • Q10

    [Romeo and Juliet] When asked about marriage, what does Juliet mean when she said "it is an honor I do not dream of"?

    Marriage is something she cannot attain.

    The thought of marriage has not crossed her mind.

    She thinks marriage is for noble women only.

  • Q11

    [Romeo and Juliet] In Act 1 Scene 5, why did Lord Capulet stop Tybalt from confronting Romeo?

    He does not want Tybalt to cause a scene in his mansion.

    He is very fond of Romeo.

    He invited Romeo to the Capulet banquet.

  • Q12

    [Romeo and Juliet] Romeo falls in love with Juliet the moment he saw her despite his previous lamentations about Rosaline. What does this say about him and his love? 

    Romeo's love is steadfast.

    Romeo's love is fickle.

    Romeo's love is consistent.

  • Q13

    [Writing] What is the usual format of a thesis statement for a classification essay?

    Topic + basis for classification + categories

    Topic + examples

    Topic + categories

  • Q14

    [Writing] How is coherence achieved in writing?

    By arranging the reference list alphabetically

    By using transitional devices

    By using technical terms

  • Q15

    [Writing] What is the most suitable topic for a classification essay?

    Types of high school teachers

    Benefits of walking

    Effects of junk food to the body


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