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Quality Intro

Quiz by Alaa Refaat

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  • Q1
    At the end of a project. a project manager determines that the project has added four areas of functionality and three areas of performance. The customer has expressed satisfaction with the project. What does this mean in terms of success of the project
    The project was unsuccessful because the customer being happy means they would have paid more for the work
    The project was unsuccessful because it was gold plated.
    The project was successful because the team had a chance to learn new areas of functionality and the customer was satisfied.
    The project was an unqualified success.
  • Q2
    Five of the seven phases on the project contain work that is substantial similar. What MUST the project manager to do?
    Make sure the first and last of these work packages is scheduled close in time to each other.
    Plan in continuous improvement activities.
    Make sure the same resource completes all the similar work packages.
    See what can be done to make sure the work is careful reworded to remove the similarity.
  • Q3
    Which of the following BEST describes why quality is planned in and not inspected
    It improves quality and is less expensive.
    It improves quality and is more expensive.
    It reduces quality and is less expensive.
    It reduces quality and is more expensive.
  • Q4
    A project manager discovers a defect in a deliverable due to the customer under contract today. The project manager knows the customer does not have the technical understanding to notice the defect. The deliverable meets the contract requirements, but it does not meet the project managers quality standard. What should the project manager do in this situation?
    Inform the customer that the deliverable will be late.
    Discuss the issue with the customer.
    Issue the deliverable, and get formal acceptance from the customer.
    Note the problem in the lessons learned so future projects do not encounter the same problem.

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