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Quarter 1 - Module 3 Component of Proper Waste Management

Quiz by Lorna Mison

Grade 5
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of these can be done with broken materials?
    store and keep in the stock room
    recycle those materials
    get it fixed
  • Q2
    While cleaning her closet, Mara noticed that she has old clothes that hasn't been using for years. Instead of throwing them out, she decided to cut and use them as their cleaning rags. Which of the following waste management strategies did she use?
  • Q3
    Which of the following materials can be made for a new product?
    plastic soda water container
    broken fluorescent lamp
    spoiled food
    used soapy water
  • Q4
    Mrs. Santos is a chairwoman of a cleanliness program. She discussed the techniques on proper waste management that can benefit humans and environment. Which of the following proper waste management can be used to lessen pollution to the environment?
    all are correct
  • Q5
    Which of these can help in minimizing wastes?
    reuse materials like old clothes
    recyle materials
    replace disposable products with reusable ones
    all of the above
  • Q6
    Renting, sharing, or buying second hand items are part of _______.
  • Q7
    In your community, the MVHAS president put biodegradable and non biodegradable trash bin at designated areas as part of the community campaign of proper waste disposal. What will you do to help in the campaign?
    Dispose trash on the canal
    Segregated trash and dispose it in the proper trash bin
    Litter trash anywhere
    Dump waste on the river
  • Q8
    Your group was assigned to do a campaign about the importance of reducing the use of materials. Which do you think is the best way of reducing waste?
    Use styrofoam to keep the food
    Use paper napkins and plastic cups
    Use disposable plates, spoons and glass
    Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins
  • Q9
    Recyles means to manufacture or process materials into something new.Which of these situations show recycling?
    Mary opens a garage sale in her place to sell all her old things
    Margie gives her old clothes to the beggar
    Factories use biogas fuel
    The grade 3 pupils make placemat out of plastic straw
  • Q10
    Recycling is the best way of using another material into a new one. Which of these is an example of recycling?
    Turn off the lights when not needed
    Turn off the lights when not needed
    Bring damage cell phone to a technician
    Give away old clothes
  • Q11
    Reduce means lessening the amount of possible waste materials. Which is an example of reducing?
    Mother makes compose out of ruit and vegetable peels and uses it in her garden
    Anna uses rechargeable batteries instead of disposable batteries
    Father fixed the chair instead of throwing it away
    Alice brings an eco-bag instead of a plastic bag
  • Q12
    Reuse means to use materials more than once. Which is an example of reusing?
    Ronald refills his drinking bottle with juice
    Alice unplugs the entire appliance before leaving for a vacation
    The grade 5 pupils make flower vases out of pet bottles
    Mother bought vegetables just enough for a one-day meal
  • Q13
    Which BEST describes "repairing" materials?
    Repairing means fixing materials
    Repairing means reprocessing materials to make them new
    Repairing means using materials "as is"
    Repairing means reducing waste materials
  • Q14
    Recover means converting waste to energy. Which is an example of recovering?
    Allan makes lanterns out of candy wrappers
    Marian gave her old shoe to her younger sister
    Mang Jose buries his dead dog at his backyard farm.
    Mang Jose buries his dead dog at his backyard farm

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