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Quarter 3 – Module 5: Speed, Distance, and Time

Quiz by Cherwin Sandow

Grade 6
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    It is the scalar quantity that refers to “how fast an object is moving.”




    average speed

  • Q2

    If you took 2 hours to walk the 5-kilometer distance from your school to your house, what was your average speed?

    3.5 km/hr

    2.5 km/hr

    1 km/hr

    5 km/hr

  • Q3

    A train travels 30 km in 0.5 hour. How fast is the train going?

    25 km/h

    5 km/h

    45 km/h

    60 km/h

  • Q4

    A mouse runs a distance of 2 meters in 15 seconds. What is its speed?

    0.13 m/s

    0.14 s/m

    0.14 m/s

    0.13 s/m

  • Q5

    A girl cycles for 3 hours at a speed of 35 km/h. What distance did she travel?

    110 km

    150 km

    105 km

    100 km

  • Q6

    How long will it take to go 150,000 meters traveling at 50 km/hour?

    1 hour

    3 hours

    4 hours

    2 hours

  • Q7

    How long does it take to drive 260 miles at a speed of 65 mph?

    6 hours

    10 hours

    12 hours

    4 hours

  • Q8

    Mario jogged for 2 hours at the speed of 5 km/hour. He then walked for 1.5 hours at the speed of 4 km/hour. Find the total distance Mario traveled.

    9 km

    16 km

    3.5 km

    31. 5 km

  • Q9

    During the NCR Palaro, a runner travels a distance of 100 meters in a time of 20 seconds. What is the runner’s average speed?

    12 m/s

    50 m/s

    10 m/s

    5 m/s

  • Q10

    Isabelle, a stenographer, typed 5,175 words in 23 minutes. What is her average typing speed?

    205 words/minute

    195 words/minute

    215 words/minute

    225 words/minute


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