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Quarter 3, Moudule 4 Summative test

Quiz by Arjay Dometita

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  • Q1

    Which of the following congruence theorems for right triangles can be used to prove two congruent right triangles instead of using SAS CP?

    D. HyL CTh

    B. LA CTh

    C. HyA CTh

    A. LL CTh

  • Q2

    In an Isosceles Triangle, each of the following information is true, EXCEPT:

    A. Two sides of the triangle are congruent

    B. The median to the base bisects the base.

    C. Base angles are congruent

    D. The altitude to the base bisects each base angle.

  • Q3

    3. An isosceles triangle can have one right angle. This statement is ____ true.

    D. Indeterminable

    B. Sometimes

    A. Always

    C. Never

  • Q4

    4.If ∆ ADU ≅ ∆VIN, which angle is congruent to ∠A?


  • Q5

    In ∆FLU, which is the included side of ∠F and ∠U?


  • Q6

    How many bisectors does an angle have?

    A. exactly one

    D. infinite

    C. two

    B. at least one

  • Q7

    If the corresponding congruent sides are marked, what postulate or theorem can prove that the two triangles are congruent?

    A. SAS CP

    C. SSS CP

    D. ASA CP

    B. SAA CTh

  • Q8
  • Q9

    Complete the sentence to make the statement true. “In an isosceles triangle _________.

    B. the base angles and the vertex angle are congruent.

    A. no two angles are congruent.

    D. the base angles are congruent.

    C. one base and an acute angle are congruent.

  • Q10

    10. Given the figure, ∆NCR ≅ ∆OCR. What is the measure of ∠CRN if ∠RCO = 25o and ∠N= 65o

    Question Image

    D. 60o

    C. 70o

    A. 90 o

    B. 80o


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