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Quiz by Imee Kathleen La-Onte

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Here are the benefits that can be derived from Animal/Fish Raising EXCEPT one.
    Animal and fish raising creates employment especially in rural areas.
    Reduce the importation of fish and meat by local production.
    Fish and animals’ meat serve as human food.
    Provides low quality animal protein for human consumption.
  • Q2
    He was a physical therapist who later turned a “pig tycoon”.
    Oscar Garin
    Ronnel Pascual
    Vicente B. Lugagay
    Celestino Mananguit
  • Q3
    This will show you where you are at present, where you plan to be in the future, and how your goals can be achieved by making use of the resources available to you.
    Record of Sales
    Marketing Plan
    SWOT Analysis
    Financial Plan
  • Q4
    This includes budget allotment vs. expenses, debt if any; labor and miscellaneous expenses of the farm.
    Planning for Operations
    Financial Plan
    Business Plan
    Marketing Plan
  • Q5
    These are the things that you could do to enhance your knowledge in animal/fish raising. I. Keep learning and take in new ideas and practices that can help improve your daily operation by researching using the internet. II. Attend seminars sponsored by government agencies III. Read journals or magazines on livestock raising IV. Watch entertainment news on the television. V. Interview person’s authority or experts in animal raising
    I, II and III
    All of the above
    I, II, III and IV
    I, II, III, and V

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