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Quarter 4 - Module 3 Weather Disturbances in the Philippines

Quiz by Lorna Mison

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    PAGASA has just raised public storm warning signal no. 2 in Marikina City and nearby provinces. What does this mean?
    Winds of 60 - 100 kph in 24 hours is expected in the locality.
    Winds of 100 - 185 kph in 18 hours is expected in the locality
    Very strong winds of more than 185 kph in 12 hours is expected in the locality
    Winds 30 - 60 kph in 36 hours is expected in the locality.
  • Q2
    Southwest monsoons happen during which of the following months?
    April to November
    May to October
    October to early May
    June to September
  • Q3
    Which describes the condition of the atmosphere in a short period of time?
    Low Pressure
  • Q4
    Which of the following can be observed AFTER the typhoon?
    Trees and buildings are not damaged
    Countryside is devastated
    Sign boards and antennas are intact
    The surrounding is clean
  • Q5
    Which of the following precautionary measures should be done during a cyclone?
    Store enough canned goods
    Report broken electrical and water lines
    Tune in to the latest radio or TV cyclone bulletin
    Disinfect flooded areas
  • Q6
    When does a tropical storm become a typhoon?
    When it reaches a sustained wind speed of 63 to 117 kph
    When it reaches maximum sustained 1-minute surface winds of at least 230 kph
    When it reaches a sustained wind speed of less than 55kph
    When it reaches a sustained wind speed of 18 to 220 kph
  • Q7
    Monitoring the storm warning signals is important to tell whether the eye of the typhoon will hit your locality. What agency advises the public on the latest weather bulletins and announcements?
    Dep Ed
  • Q8
    Tropical cyclones are referred to by different names depending on where they originate in the world. What is formed in the western Pacific Ocean?
    Tropical cyclones
    Willy Willy
  • Q9
    What is the basis of upgrading a tropical storm into a typhoon?
    Eye of the typhoon
    Wind Speed
  • Q10
    Which of the following precautionary measures should be done AFTER a cyclone?
    Keep Batteries, radios. fully charged cellphones and flashlights handy
    Prepare sufficient supply of food and water
    Watch out for hanging live wires from damaged electric posts
    Evacuate to a safe place if you are staying in low-lying areas

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