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Quarter One

Quiz by Hilary Iehl

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29 questions
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  • Q1
    Emily and Dara wanted to see when Country Music or Rap Music was played if the number of flowers on a plant differed. What is the independent variable?
    Number of Flowers
    Type of Music
    Type of Plant
    Type of Soil
  • Q2
    Definite Chemical Composition, Crystalline Structure, Solid, Naturally Occurring, and Inorganic are the 5 characteristics of every ______________.
  • Q3
    How are igneous rocks formed?
    Magma cooling and crystallizing
    Heat and Pressure
    All of these ways are true
    Weathering and Eroding into Sediments that are compacted and cemented together
  • Q4
    What is a disadvantage of wind energy?
    Easily found
  • Q5
    What is one way I can impact my environment positively when it comes to energy use?
    Not using lids on pans and pots while cooking
    Having very little insulation in the attic
    Turning the thermostat lower in the summer
    Turning the thermostat higher in the summer

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