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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Add appropriate question tags with these sentences. We all make mistakes sometimes, ______________________ ?
    Don't we?
    Doesn't we?
    Do we?
  • Q2
    We should always try to conserve water, _______________________ ?
    We should?
    Should we?
    Should we not?
    Shouldn't we?
  • Q3
    You don't really support him, ____________________ ?
    Does you?
    Don't you?
    Do you?
    You do?
  • Q4
    He is becoming popular, ___________________ ?
    Is he?
    Isn't he?
    He is?
    He isn't?
  • Q5
    You are not a good dancer, ______________________ ?
    you aren't?
    Are you?
    Are you not?
    Aren't you?
  • Q6
    She was not pleased with my behaviour, ____________________ ?
    Was she not?
    Was she?
    She wasn't?
    Wasn't she?
  • Q7
    They are not late, ________________________- ?
    Not are they?
    Are they?
    They are not?
    Aren't they?
  • Q8
    He can sing well, _____________________ ?
    He can not?
    Not he can?
    Can he not?
    Can't he?
  • Q9
    The baby is cute, _____________________________ ?
    Isn't it ?
    Is it ?
    Is it not ?
    It isn't ?
  • Q10
    I am able to solve this riddle, ___________________ ?
    Am not I ?
    Am I not?
    I am ?
    Not I am ?

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