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Quick Quiz Body System

Quiz by Amber Hamilton

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3 questions
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  • Q1
    A specific disease affects the muscular system. Which of the following would be likely a symptom of the disease?
    Poor Vision
    Loss of short term memory
    Difficulty walking
    Inability to digest protein
  • Q2
    What would happen if one organ in your excretory system stopped working properly?
    The other organs would compensate by eliminating more waste
    The cells in your body would create less waste to be removed
    You would begin to sweat more than usual
    You would become sick from the waste materials that were not removed
  • Q3
    On a hot summer day, Jack left the pool and begin to climb a ladder to his tree house. He hurt his toe by bumping it on a ladder to his tree house. How did Jack know that he had hurt his toe?
    Jack's toe became smaller than before he had bumped his toe.
    Jack's toes became cold and numb.
    The blood cells in his toes sent a signal through his body to his brain.
    The nerves in his toe sent a signal through his body to his brain.

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