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13 questions
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  • Q1
    "My property is not visible online", Which functionality is the most appropriate to use?
    Question Image
    Live Site - Cancel Policy
    Live Site - Availability
    Booking - Booking Quick Look
  • Q2
    "I did not receive the booking notification". Which functionality should I choose?
    Booking – Cancel Policy
    Booking – Rate Calculator
    Booking - Amenities
    Booking - Booking Quick Look
  • Q3
    Can I download the change history of a cancellation policy in QuickTools?
    Only Tier 2 agents can
    Only LPA 3 agents can
  • Q4
    After submitting the booking ID in Rate Calculator, do I need to populate the fields?
    Only the Sell Rate/LAR or Net rate option
    Only the first 4
  • Q5
    What does EFT mean?
    Earnings before Fees and Taxes
    Extra Fee Taxable
  • Q6
    Does QuickTools store the change history of the Extra Person Fee?
    Only for adults, not for children
    Only for Per Day Pricing Hotels
  • Q7
    Why is QuickTools better than Partner Central for booking inquiries?
    Because all the basic information are stored in one or two pages
    Because it's quicker
    All of the above
    Because it has information that Partner Central does not store
  • Q8
    What is Net after EFR and Promo?
    Total Booking Amount
    Daily Rate
    Daily Taxes
  • Q9
    Does QuickTools provide a change amenity history?
    Yes, but only Tier 2 agents have access to it.
    Yes, but only TST has access to it.
  • Q10
    Why is QuickTools amazing?
    Because I do not need to search for the Acquired Rate
    Because Mattia and Nicola were fantastic and they convinced me to use QuickTools
    Because it provides also information about Promotion, Accelerator and Compensation
    All of the above
  • Q11
    Exercise 1: This hotel is not showing the Classic Single Room available on the live site for 30 - 31 Dec 2020. Why? Go to Quick Tools and find the answer. You have 5 minutes. Hotel ID: 5133571 Room ID: 201766141 Rate Plan ID:208812810
    No availability
    Minimum length of stay
    Stop Sell
    Closed to arrival
  • Q12
    Exercise 2: What is the inside window cancellation penalty for the 30 Dec 2020? You have 2 minutes. Hotel ID: 4703072 Rate Plan ID: 254201367
    72 hours
    Full Cost of stay
    1 night + taxes
  • Q13
    Exercise 3: Go to Quick tools to find the answers. Question 1: What is the acquired rate for this booking? Question 2: Who loaded it in Partner Central? You have 5 minutes. Booking ID: 1686721688
    77.27 € - Auto Renewal
    49.87 € - Auto Rate Match
    85 € - Hotel
    60.27 € - Expedia

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