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Quiz - 1

Quiz by Dilek ÇAĞLAR

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27 questions
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  • Q1
    This is the first time I __________ such a formal letter.
    have written
    will write
  • Q2
    The temporary secretary _____________ so poorly since she started that I ________________ forward to the day when Miss Clark will return.
    will perform / am looking
    performs / look
    has been performing / am looking
  • Q3
    She _______________ her job three times just in the last three moths. I think she ought to stick to just one thing.
    will change
    has changed
  • Q4
    “How long _____________you_____________for that company?” “For more than ten years now.”
    have / been working
    did / work
    do / work
  • Q5
    They ____________ three meetings on this subject in the last two months, but still ___________ an agreement.
    will hold / aren’t reaching
    are holding / can’t reach
    have held / haven’t reached

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