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Quiz 1 Day 4 Personal Lines

Quiz by Brian Morton

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following is a “your covered auto” in the Personal Auto policy?
    Company car
    Motorcycle you own
    Car you commute to work in
    Mechanic test driving your car after a repair
  • Q2
    Which of the following vehicles is NOT a “Your Covered Auto”, in the personal auto policy?
    A vehicle available for your regular use
    A van bought yesterday
    Leased vehicle
    A trailer the insured owns
  • Q3
    Which of these would NOT be denied coverage under a personal auto insurance policy?
    A person driving a borrowed car
    A person involved in a street race
    A person driving a motorcycle
    A person driving Uber passengers
  • Q4
    Which of these is NOT covered under the medical payments section of the Personal Auto Policy?
    Medical expenses of a person you hit with your car
    The medical and funeral expenses of an insured
    A family member is struck by a trailer
    A next-door neighbor broke her arm falling out of the back of a pickup truck
  • Q5
    A person is hit by an unknown person in their auto causing injury and work loss. Which coverage part will pay?
    Uninsured motorist
  • Q6
    Part D, Property Damage in the auto policy pays for which of these?
    Bodily injury to someone you hit with your car
    Property damage to your own vehicle
    Bodily injury while in your car
    Property damage to property you hit
  • Q7
    Collision coverage pays for which of these in the personal auto policy?
    A part falls off an airplane and collides with the windshield
    Hail Damage
    Collision with a deer
    Car rolled over due to taking a corner too fast
  • Q8
    The personal auto policy provides what type of coverage in part D coverage for damage to your auto?
    Basic named peril
    Broad named peril
    Specified peril
    Open peril
  • Q9
    The Other Than Collision (Comprehensive) coverage in the personal auto policy provides protection for all these, EXCEPT?
    Collision with a deer
    Collision with another vehicle
    Falling objects
  • Q10
    An insured could cancel a personal auto policy all the following ways, EXCEPT?
    Write cancel on the policy and return it to the insurer
    Quit paying premiums
    File a lawsuit against the insurer
    Give written notice of cancellation
  • Q11
    A person who slanders another person would automatically be covered by?
    Dwelling policy
    Personal Umbrella policy
    Homeowners policy
    Auto policy
  • Q12
    A homeowner is concerned about their liability protection, where can they get more?
    Dwelling policy
    Flood policy
    Personal Umbrella policy
    Auto policy

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