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Quiz 1: Voice Bio Knowledge Boost

Quiz by Dipti Tigdi

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    If the customer declines enrolling in Voice Authentication, what should you do?
    First attempt to overcome the customer’s objection. If the customer still declines, click opt-out, select the appropriate reason code and advise the customer they are not enrolled
    Enroll them anyway
    Ignore the Customer
    Click opt-out and select the appropriate reason code
  • Q2
    When should you NOT enroll a customer in Voice Authentication?
    Excessive background noise on the call (dogs barking, static)
    When there are multiple speakers on the call
    All of the above
    Call History comments advise to refer the customer to BCS/Fraud
  • Q3
    For Non-Quebec residents, once you have determined that the customer has met all enrollment criteria (i.e. only one speaker on the line, you are speaking to the correct person, no static on the line) you select enroll on the VA widget, when do you read the enrollment script?
    At the end of the call
    You don’t need to read a script
    Immediately after you click enroll
    Before you click enroll
  • Q4
    You receive a call and are made aware that it is the branch calling. After you enter the Scotiacard number, AS400 asks is “Customer on the line (Y/N), what should you select?
    Either or, it doesn’t make a difference
    Y – since you are going into a customer account
    N- you do not have the customer on the line, and therefore they are not eligible for Voice Authentication Enrollment
    Y – since the customer may be there in the background
  • Q5
    When you are reading the enrollment script, the customer cuts you off. What should you do?
    Answer any questions they may have
    A and C
    Don’t worry about it, it doesn’t really matter
    Ensure you read the Script in its entirety

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