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Quiz #2 - 7.4A

Quiz by Chandler Anderson

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  • Q1
    Gala apples are sold in a 3-pound bag for $5.55. Which of the following equations represents C, the total Cost for p, the Pounds of apples?
    C = 1.85p
    C = 2.55p
    C = 5.55p
    C = 3p
  • Q2
    What is the constant of proportionality (k) for the table?
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    k = 2.7 kg/ lb
    k = 0.45 kg/ lb
    k = 2.22 kg/ lb
  • Q3
    What is Jason's constant speed in miles per HOUR? (Notice the table shows miles and minutes.)
    Question Image
    0.08 miles per hour
    48 miles per hour
    4.8 miles per hour
    0.8 miles per hour
  • Q4
    Deanna's car can drive 288 miles on one TANK of gas. Her tank holds 12 gallons of gas. Which equation represents m, the number of miles she can drive on g, gallons of gasoline?
    m = 41g
    m = 24g
    m = 12g
    m = 288g
  • Q5
    Chris bought 4 hot dogs for $1.00 total. Which of the following shows an equivalent rate?
    5 hot dogs for $1.35
    2 hot dogs for $0.50.
    8 hot dogs for $1.90
    1 hot dog for $0.20
  • Q6
    According to the table, what is the constant of proportionality?
    Question Image
    k = 16
    k = 72
    k = 42.5
    k = 20
  • Q7
    Which of the following represents a unit rate?
    16 ounces in 2 cups
    $5.99 for a value meal.
    3 miles in 45 minutes
    350 miles on 16 gallons

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