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Quiz 2 Predicting Outcomes

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    The river was already near flood level when the rain began again. To make things worse, this rainstorm was supposed to be the worst year.
    The river will become popular with sunbathers.
    The rainstorm will not be as bad as everyone predicts.
    The river will overflow and flood the area.
  • Q2
    Ron happily wrapped the box and put his sister's name on it. The room was decorated and had a big "Sweet Sixteen!" sign. As he lit the candles, Ron knew everything was ready.
    Ron checked the weather forecast.
    Ron left to go to the store
    Ron's sister is going to have a birthday party
  • Q3
    Jonathan was working on a paper when he realized that his computer's printer had run out of ink. Jonathan grabbed his keys and .
    went to get something to eat
    drove to the computer store
    walked to the library to take out some computer books
  • Q4
    The bus was completely empty when the bus driver began his day. The first bus stop was in the middle of the busy city.
    The bus will fill with passengers.
    The bus will stay empty.
    The bus driver will turn around and go home.
  • Q5
    Nico's mother brought home empty boxes from the store. She wrapped the dishes in newspaper and placed them in the boxes. Next, she took down the pictures and the curtains and packed them in boxes. She told Nico that his first day at his new school would be Tuesday.
    Nico is not going to go to school anymore.
    Nico's mother is going to clean the house.
    Nico's family is going to move.

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