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Quiz 3 Review

Quiz by Rachel Murat

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  • Q1
    early steps toward democracy
    Virginia House of Burgesses, Mayflower Compact, Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
  • Q2
    benefits the mother country, profits for the mother country
  • Q3
    turning point in relationship between British and the colonists; ended the period of salutary neglect
    French and Indian War
  • Q4
    wrote the pamphlet, Common Sense and The Crisis to encourage American independence
    Thomas Paine
    John Locke
    Peter Zenger
    Thomas Paine
  • Q5
    A voluntary agreement between the government and the governed
    social contract theory
  • Q6
    A weak constitution that governed America during the Revolutionary War.
    Articles of Confederation
  • Q7
    a newspaper publisher who established the basic idea of freedom of the press
    Peter Zenger
    Thomas Paine
    George Washington
    John Locke
  • Q8
    Enacted in 1787, it is considered one of the most significant achievements of the Articles of Confederation. It established a system for setting up governments in the western territories so they could eventually join the Union on an equal footing with the original 13 states
    Northwest Ordinance
  • Q9
    System of government in which power is held by the voters and is exercised by elected representatives responsible for promoting the common welfare.
    republican form of government
  • Q10
    A system that allows each branch of government to limit the powers of the other branches in order to prevent abuse of power
    Checks and Balances
  • Q11
    Established judicial review
    Marbury v. Madison
  • Q12
    Would not ratify the constitution without the inclusion of the Bill of Rights
    Anti Federalists
  • Q13
    1st Amendment protection
    freedom or religion
    eminent domain
    right to bear arms
    right to an attorney
  • Q14
    Political Parties, Judicial Review, The Cabinet and Congressional Committees.
    Unwritten Constitution
  • Q15
    each slave would count for 3/5 of a person for taxation and representation purposes
    3/5 Compromise

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