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Quiz 4, Practical Research 2 (2nd Quarter)


Grade 12
Practical Research 2
Philippines Curriculum: SHS Applied Subjects (MELC)

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following parts of a research paper should be in the concluding part of the research paper?
    Summary of research methodology, conclusions, and recommendations.
    Summary of findings, conclusion, and recommendations.
    Summary of research methodology, scope and limitations, and recommendations.
    Summary of findings, research methodology, and recommendations.
  • Q2
    Which of the following statements best describes a conclusion?
    Discuss the methodology of the study.
    Discuss the results and limitations about the topic under study.
    Makes logical connections between the various parts of the arguments starting from the hypotheses.
    Discuss relevant literature.
  • Q3
    Which of the following contents of the summary of findings is considered as the most important?
    Research findings from which the conclusion will be derived.
    Brief restatement of the research methodology.
    List of research questions and hypothesis.
    Overall research problem of the study.
  • Q4
    Which of the following statements is addressed or answered by your research conclusion?
    The hesitations of the researcher.
    Every research questions you have in your research study.
    The questions of the field experts.
    The queries of the previous researchers
  • Q5
    Which of the following suggestions should you use in writing your conclusion?
    A clear and simple language
    High jargon sentences
    Highfalutin words
    Mathematical symbols
  • Q6
    The following statements show how to draw a logical conclusion EXCEPT:
    Demonstrate the importance of your ideas.
    Present the last word on the issues or gaps raised in your paper.
    Draw the inclusion and exclusion of research variables.
    Summarize your thoughts and convey the larger significance of your study.
  • Q7
    What is the first thing to do in drawing a logical conclusion?
    Introduce possible new or expanded ways of thinking about the research problem.
    Discuss of the feasibility of the proposed policy.
    Identify the relevant data that can be utilized.
    Discussion of the benefits of the study.
  • Q8
    Which of the following parts of the research paper serves as a practical suggestion for future researchers?
    Recommendations of the Study
    Abstract of the Study
    Conclusion of the Study
    Summary of Findings
  • Q9
    Which of the following statements is the main purpose of recommendations of your research study?
    Determined the main variables of the study.
    Discuss the benefits of the participants.
    Provide a beneficial guide to resolve certain issues that can possibly result in a beneficial outcome.
    Explain the methodology of your study.
  • Q10
    In writing the recommendations, where should the researcher based its suggestions?
    Conceptual Framework of the Study
    Conclusions of the Study
    Abstract of the Study
    Scope and Delimitation of the Study
  • Q11
    In presenting the conclusion of the study, what should be the guide of the researcher?
    Statistical Tests Used
    Scope and Delimitation of the Study
    Research Questions of the Study
    Methodology of the Study
  • Q12
    Why does the conclusion important in the research process?
    It summarizes the principal features of the study.
    It provides explanation of the concept or construct of the conceptual framework.
    It addresses other researchers who ay want to pursue similar study.
    It improves the pertinent variables of the investigation undertaken.
  • Q13
    The conclusion is the first, thus, the most important part of the research study.
    Cannot be determined
  • Q14
    As a student researcher, drawing logical conclusions and formulating unbiased recommendations have equal importance in the development of the academic excellence of the institution.
    Cannot be determined
  • Q15
    Research has standards that need to follow and apply in the researching process.
    Cannot be determined

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