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Quiz 5

Quiz by Alex Roque

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  • Q1
    To properly balance the progression of a player through the game, we use a
    analytical balancing
    resource engine
    progression curve
    economic system
  • Q2
    This is NOT one of balances that we must pay attention to when balancing an economic system
    balance for arbitrage
    balance for stagnation
    balance for inflation
    balance for progression
  • Q3
    Which one is NOT a category we use to analyze player behavior
  • Q4
    The _______ describes the progressive loss of players from download to install to play
    analytical balance
    acquisition funnel
  • Q5
    Which one is NOT an important aspect of having a clear product vision to achieve success
    The vision is compelling and leads to action
    The vision evolves and changes through development
    The vision is consistent and does not change
    The vision should be clear and understood
  • Q6
    This corporate role is responsible for the company portfolio and originality of the products
    chief technical officer
    chief creative office
    chief executive officer
    chief financial officer
  • Q7
    Which role is responsible for overseeing a development team's creation of a game
    technical director
    creative director
    art director
    executive producer
  • Q8
    A working portion of the game that allows at least one interactive loop is known as a
  • Q9
    One of the primary purposes of playtesting with a first time player is to
    see if the player can build a mental model of how to play
    find bugs in the game
    market the game branding
    get them to pre-order the game
  • Q10
    You need to do all of the following during a playtest EXCEPT
    witness any reactions to the game play
    keep distractions to a minimun
    tell them about the game as little as possible
    ask the player how they would design the game differently
  • Q11
    The primary purpose of this phase is the team understands what the game is and how long will be its development
    storyboarding phase
    production phase
    preproduction phase
    concept phase
  • Q12
    Providing a scripted playtest to accomplish a particular goal is known as ______ playtesting
    Thinking Aloud
    Wizard of Oz
    Directed Exploration
  • Q13
    The following are all good ways to build confidence in your pitch EXCEPT
    having a working prototype of core gameplay
    providing a business case and sales projections
    providing a video trailer of what the game will look like
    providing a bio of the main characters
  • Q14
    When analyzing the player behavior the lifetime value refers to
    how much the player values all their time spent
    how much each hour of gameplay is worth to the player
    how much a player can resell their game for
    a measure of how long the player plays and how much they purchase
  • Q15
    A measure of the number of players whot stop playing your game during a period is known as the
    adopted rate
    negative monthly users
    converted rate
    churn rate

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