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10 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the primary role of traditional textbooks in ICT education?

    To provide hands-on practice.

    To offer a structured foundation for ICT concepts.

    To serve as the sole source of information.

    To replace online resources.

  • Q2

    How can whiteboards or chalkboards be beneficial in ICT instruction?

    They can replace computers for coding.

    They allow students to browse the internet.

    They serve as interactive touchscreens.

    They can be used to visualize ICT concepts.

  • Q3

    Which of the following is the primary function of physical models or props in ICT teaching?

    They facilitate online discussions.

    They replace textbooks entirely.

    They offer a tangible representation of abstract ICT concepts.

    They provide practical coding exercises.

  • Q4

    In ICT education, how can printed worksheets and assignments be utilized effectively?

     They should be used exclusively for assessments.

    They are obsolete and should not be used.

    They are used for teacher evaluations only.

    They can complement online learning by providing practice.

  • Q5

    What is the role of projectors in an ICT classroom setting?

    They provide practical coding exercises.

    They enable virtual reality experiences.

    They display software interfaces and presentations.

     They replace traditional textbooks.

  • Q6

     How should traditional quizzes and exams be adapted for ICT courses?

    They should focus solely on practical skills.

    They can evaluate theoretical knowledge but should be complemented with practical assessments.

    They should be eliminated entirely.

    They provide practical coding exercises.

  • Q7

    In the digital age, are textbooks and print resources still relevant in ICT education?

    They are relevant only for teachers, not students.

    No, they should be completely replaced by online materials.

    Yes, they provide a structured foundation but should be supplemented with online resources.

    Textbooks should be used exclusively for coding exercises.

  • Q8

    How can traditional teaching methods foster critical thinking in ICT students?

    By focusing solely on memorization.

    By relying on multiple-choice assessments.

    By discouraging discussions and debates.

    By encouraging students to analyze real-world ICT problems and propose solutions.

  • Q9

    What is the role of teacher-student interaction in ICT education using conventional materials?

    To replace teachers with online tutorials.

    . To create a passive learning environment.

    To answer questions and facilitate discussions to help students understand complex ICT topics.

    To provide no guidance, allowing students to explore independently.

  • Q10

     How can field trips or guest speakers enhance ICT instruction?

    They provide an opportunity for students to take a break from the classroom.

    They distract students from learning.

    They are irrelevant in ICT education.

    They offer real-world insights and practical applications of ICT concepts.


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