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Quiz about the Waterfall Project Management method

Quiz by Codecool

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  • Q1
    Please select any TRUE statements from the followings:
    Integration and testing phase is after the deployment.
    Waterfall model is hard to understand and implement.
    Poor model for long and ongoing projects.
    Waterfall's other name is linear-sequential life cycle model.
  • Q2
    Please select any advantages of waterfall from the followings:
    The software is always deployable and in a working state.
    Low risk and high confidence in the project's details.
    Phases are processed and completed one at a time.
    Milestones are well understood by each parties.
    Process and results are well documented.
  • Q3
    Please select any disadvantages of waterfall from the followings:
    Designers may not be aware of future difficulties when designing a new software product or feature.
    Changing requirements are hard to handle.
    Integration is easy at the end.
    Tasks are hard to arrange.
    Poor model for long and ongoing projects.
  • Q4
    Please select the phase which fits the following description: Once testing and bugfixing is done, the product is released, and the users start using it.
    System design

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