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  • Q1

    Subject is taught from the simplest concepts to the more complicated concepts through grade level.

    C. MTB-MLE Program

    D. Spiral Progression

    A. Childhood Education

    B. Contextualization and Enhancement

  • Q2

    Students' role in Inquiry Based Learning is like the researchers who should develop their own research questions to guide their process of discovery.

    True or False
  • Q3

    Inquiry Based Learning is a learning and teaching approach that...

    allows no translation during the class, where not one word of the students' native language is spoken

    Cmake students feel relaxed, interested, and positive while studying by using music, visual images, and relaxation exercises

    emphasizes students’ questions, ideas and observations

    the teacher should be silent as much as possible in the classroom but the learners should be encouraged to produce as much language as possible

  • Q4

    In Inquiry Based Learning approach, students are supported to...

    be a narrow-minded person

    think uncreatively

    take risks and think big

  • Q5

    These are the goals of Inquiry Based Learning, except...

    students can only be able to understand the answers and results given by the teachers

    to develop students' questioning, research and communication skills

    students can solve problems, create solutions, and tackle real-life questions and issues

    students participate in the creation and improvement of ideas and knowledge

  • Q6

    Teachers never pose the leading question at the end of the cycle to see how students’ responses have evolved based on what they’ve learned.

    The teacher may pose a problem then students investigate the issue to find an answer.

    Students solve problems that have a meaningful life application.

    Students are not allowed to make a group to find the answer, to make them more focused.

    It is true about Inquiry Based Learning method, except...

  • Q7

    What age child is best suited for Inquiry Based Learning?


    All school age children



  • Q8

    It is the level of inquiry wherein there is no predetermined answer because students follow only the lead of the teacher.

    Limited Inquiry

    Open Inquiry

    Guided Inquiry

    Structured Inquiry

  • Q9

    teacher selects topics and resources to be engaged by students

    Guided Inquiry 

    Structured Inquiry 

    Free Inquiry

    Controlled Inquiry

  • Q10

    It is  giving of feedback and suggestions by the instructor yo help students improve learning.

    refining the outcomes

    collecting and analyzing the information

    synthesizing information

    identifying the problem

  • Q11

    presentation of the solution to the learning problem issues.

    synthesizing information

    collecting and analyzing

    co-building knowledge

    refining the outcomes

  • Q12

    Who says that PBL promotes the personal construction of knowledge where students engage in interesting tasks, problems, and investigation?

    O'Brien, Wallach, & Mash Duncan 2011

    Kim, Belland & Walker 2018

    Inel & Balim 2010

    Schettino and Belland 2016

  • Q13

    This is used in writing presentations spreadsheets calendars organizers, and citations that assist learners and teachers in accomplishing required tasks and outputs from PBL activity.

    productivity tools


    web 2.0


  • Q14

    It is an approach that involves a process of inquiry and solving open-ended questions that serve the main problem that the learners will work on.

    Project-Based Learning

    Inquiry-Based Learning

    Guided Based Learning

    Problem-Based Learning

  • Q15

    What is the primary consideration in PBL?




    learning competencies


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