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Quiz by Maria Sophia A. Villavicencio

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Which is common between a microwave oven and RADAR?





  • Q2

    Which type of electromagnetic waves cause sunburns?

    infrared wave

     gamma rays

    ultraviolet ray


  • Q3

    What type of electromagnetic waves are used to cook food, predict theweather, and for communications?


     gamma rays

     ultraviolet ray

     infrared wave

  • Q4

    How does a microwave oven work?

     Magnetron Blasts      Food Compartment      Wave Guide

    Food Compartment    Magnetron Blasts          Wave Guide

     Magnetron Blasts        Wave Guide Food       Compartment

    Wave Guide               Food Compartment       Magnetron Blast

  • Q5

    Which type of waves is used on a TV remote control?

    radio wave

     gamma rays

    ultraviolet ray

    infrared wave

  • Q6

    Which is NOT a negative effect of ultraviolet radiation?

    Destroys vitamin A.

    Damages collagen

    Damages DNA

    Ionizes atoms in the body.

  • Q7

    What type of electromagnetic radiation is used in mobile phones?

    ultraviolet ray


    infrared wave

     x-rays rays

  • Q8

    Which material can stop gamma rays?

    A thick silver

    A thick paper

    A thick bronze

    A thick slab of concrete with a few inches of lead

  • Q9

    What type of electromagnetic waves are used to take pictures of bones in medicine?

    infrared wave



    ultraviolet ray

  • Q10

    What is the safety protocol for X-ray?

    Increase time, increase shielding, and increase distancing

    Decrease time, increase shielding, and increase distancing

    Increase time, decrease shielding, and decrease distancing

    Decrease time, decrease shielding, and decrease distancing


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