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Quiz Judaism's 18 Minute Bread

Quiz by Alister Passley

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    What type of oven is used for baking Matzah?
    Microwave oven
    Gas oven
    Electric oven
    Wood-fired oven
  • Q2
    How long does it take to bake a Matzah in the wood-fired oven?
    5 minutes
    1 minute
    15-20 seconds
    30 seconds
  • Q3
    What happens to any Matzah that has not yet been baked after the 18-minute cycle?
    Kept for next cycle
    Disqualified and discarded
    Used for personal consumption
  • Q4
    How many people work at the Matzah Bakery?
    25 people
    100 people
    10 people
    60 people
  • Q5
    What is the traditional way of baking Matzah?
    By wood and coal
    By gas oven
    By electric oven
    By solar oven
  • Q6
    What does Matzah commemorate?
    The exodus from Egypt
    The invention of bread
    The discovery of wheat
    A harvest festival
  • Q7
    How long must it take for Matzah to be baked according to Jewish law?
    48 hours
    1 hour
    18 minutes or less
    30 minutes
  • Q8
    What temperature is the oven in the Satmar Matzah Bakery?
    1500 degrees
    2300 degrees
    400 degrees
    750 degrees
  • Q9
    How many pounds of Matzah does the bakery bake approximately each year?
    200,000 pounds
    50,000 pounds
    100,000 pounds
    500,000 pounds
  • Q10
    Why must all equipment and hands be inspected and cleaned at the end of the baking cycle?
    To add extra ingredients
    To speed up the baking process
    To ensure no residue is left
    To improve the taste of the Matzah
  • Q11
    What happens to Matzah that is not baked within the 18 minutes time limit?
    It gets thrown away
    It becomes chewy
    It turns into a different bread
    It gets burned
  • Q12
    Why is Matzah considered unleavened bread?
    It is baked at a low temperature
    It is left out to dry
    It doesn't have time to rise
    It is made with special ingredients

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