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Quiz on "zero" conditional

Quiz by Xxyay

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  • Q1
    If it is hot today, I....
    Question Image
    Go to the beach
    Would go to the beach
    Went to the beach
  • Q2
    If you freeze water, it.....
    Question Image
    Turns to ice
    Will turn to ice
    Turned to ice
  • Q3
    If the baby wakes up during the night, who (get up) ?
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    The whole neighbourhood gets up
    The husband
    The wife
    The dog got up
  • Q4
    If I drink -I die, if I eat - I am fine. What am I ?
    A fire
    A fat person
    A monster
  • Q5
    If an elephant enters a China shop
    Everyone flees
    Everyone flew
    Everyone shouted
  • Q6
    If it rains, I ....
    took an umbrella
    had taken an umbrella
    will take an umbrella
  • Q7
    If the weather .........nice today, we ....... go swimming
    is, will
    was, are
    is, won't

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