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Quizalize - Review Antebellum

Quiz by Dan Kelly

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  • Q1
    Historians have argued that all of the following were causes of the Civil War EXCEPT
    the clash of economic interests between agrarian and industrialized regions
    The actions of irresponsible politicians and agitators in the North and South
    the growing power of poor Southern Whites who resisted planter dominance and sought to abolish slavery
    differences over the morality and future of slavery
  • Q2
    During the 1800s the most common form of resistance to slavery by slaves themselves was
    working slowly and breaking tools
    escaping to Canada via the Underground Railroad
    organizing petitions and demonstrations against slavery
    rebelling openly, using weapons, and planning confrontations
  • Q3
    William Lloyd Garrison and the American Anti-Slavery Society were know for
    opposing women's participation in public abolitionist meetings
    advocating colonization by former slaves in West Africa
    supporting the Kansas-Nebraska Act's provisions regarding slavery
    advocating immediate and uncompensated emancipation
  • Q4
    One distinguishing feature of the new middle class that emerged in the 1830s and 1840s was
    its members' tendency to be tolerant of religious diversity
    the fact that almost all middle-class men attended graduate and professional schools
    the separation of economic production from the home and family life
    Its members' support for ending legal immigration from eastern Europe
  • Q5
    The United States gained which of the following from the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848?
    Possession of California and most of the Southwest
    An undisputed claim to Oregon
    The right to construct a canal across the Isthmus of Panama
    Possession of the Philippines
  • Q6
    Members of the Hudson River School were best known for their paintings of
    battle scenes
    still lifes
  • Q7
    The women's movement in the antebellum period was characterized by all of the following EXCEPT
    involvement of middle-class women
    close links to the antislavery and temperance movements
    conventions in the Northeast such as Seneca Falls, NY
    demands for equal compensation for equal work
  • Q8
    The American Colonization Society was established in the early nineteenth century with the goal of
    encouraging immigration from Ireland and Germany
    transporting African Americans back to Africa
    settling white Americans on western lands
    encouraging Chinese contract laborers to emigrate to the United States
  • Q9
    The Compromise of 1850 did which of the following?
    Enacted a stringent fugitive slave law
    Admitted California to the Union under the principles of popular sovereignty
    Admitted Texas to the Union as a slave state
    Adjusted the Texas-Mexico boundary
  • Q10
    "We do not know whether free laborers ever sleep... The free laborer must work or starve. he is more of a slave than the negro, because he works longer and harder for less allowance than the slave, and has no holiday, because the cares of life with him begin when its labors end. He has no liberty, and not a single right." George Fitzhugh, 1857 This excerpt reflects the argument in the antebellum South that
    the South needed to change to survive
    slavery was immoral
    slaves lived better than northern factory workers
    capitalism was the economic system most likely to generate wealth and happiness for the most people
  • Q11
    "Let Southern oppressors tremble...let all enemies of the persecuted blacks tremble...I shall strenuously contend for the immediate enfranchisement of our slave population...I will be as harsh as truth and as uncompromising as justice" Which of the following most likely authored this statement in 1831
    John C. Calhoun
    Stephen A. Douglass
    Abraham Lincoln
    William L. Garrison
  • Q12
    During the Antebellum period there was a large influx of immigrants from _______ because of ___________.
    Russia, antisemitism
    Scotland, the enclosure movement
    Ireland, potato famine
    Italy, lost jobs due to poor industrialization in Italy
  • Q13
    On this map, which area was acquired by President Pierce in 1853 as part of a plan for a southern transcontinental railroad separate from the Mexican War or Texas annexation?
    Question Image
  • Q14
    In which of the following pairs was the second event causally related to the first?
    Gold Discoveries in California -> Compromise of 1850
    Mexican War-> passage of the Missouri Compromise
    Uncle Tom's Cabin -> Nat Turner's Rebellion
    Indian land claims in Georgia -> Dred Scott decision
  • Q15
    Which religious movement of the antebellum period was founded in the "burned over district" of upstate New York, but later faced an extermination order in Missouri and furher persecution by locals in Nauvoo, Illinois?

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